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Brandon Jennings led a team of current NBA players mixed with NBA hopefuls at the Nike Real Run in L.A. It seems like we’ve grown accustomed to seeing Jennings in highlight-reels, and he looks pretty awesome in this one. It’s tough to see if the work he put in this summer has had any drastic effect on his play when all we’re seeing is the coolest alley-oops, breakaways, and no-look passes, but the mere fact that he’s been showing up so frequently in basketball-related events is a great sign. Being handed the keys to an NBA team before you can legally drink a beer is a lot to deal with, but Brandon has given every indication he can handle the pressure and still maintain that somewhat comical energy that keeps a kid sane.  Only two more months!

(h/t DIME)


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Got this from Twitter via @dimemag. I don’t think a backcourt featuring these two guys would be particularly great, but who cares? This is sweet.

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