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My latest on Brewhoop.com questions what to do with Corey Maggette, who recently gave his experience so far in Milwaukee an “F.” Hit that link and voice your opinion.


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Happy Holidays everybody!

Milwaukee took two of three on their West Coast Tour, and not the two you might think. That leaves the Bucks at 6-5 in the month of December – 6-5 in a month that I earlier speculated might not yield 4 wins. It sucks knowing that we might not see Brandon Jennings back on the court until February, but this team has shown, once again, that tenacity and raw effort can go a long way. It’s been a frustrating season, for sure, and while beating the defending champs in a shockingly-sound manner makes Milwaukee fans pull their heads out of the snow, there remains work to be done. Milwaukee is still four games under .500 and now faces a Hawks team looking for revenge before kicking off what is likely the most difficult five-game stretch of the season.

Milwaukee is now closer than they’ve been all season to outperforming their Pythagorean Win Percentage. Unfortunately, those numbers still only peg the Bucks for 37 wins. Personally, that seems low to me, especially considering how easy Milwaukee’s schedule gets, but Pythagoras cares little for such hopeful wishing. We can hardly call the Bucks contenders, and the preseason expectations seem a far cry from where they currently stand, but this is a team that can absolutely win any game they play. They might not win the NBA Title, but you can bet there’s gonna be a few more times this squad will embarrass some elite team, prompting many declarations of “Fear the Deer” and drawing minor attention to Andrew Bogut’s status as a top-3 defensive player in the NBA.

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A couple of numbers: some surprising, some not; some arbitrary, some revealing; some reassuring, some hopelessly, hopelessly depressing.

  • Larry Sanders has the best Defensive Rating on the Milwaukee Bucks at 96. Andrew Bogut is second at 97. Newcomer Drew Gooden clocks in third at 101.
  • Brian Skinner is the only player currently on the roster with a DRtg above 105. Yes, that includes Corey Maggette, who is tied at 105 with Ron Artest.
  • Since the NBA/ABA merger, only 4 teams have ever shot worse over the course of a season than the Milwaukee Bucks are currently shooting (.410 FG%). The ’01 Warriors (.409), and the ’99 Hawks (.409), Nets (.406), and Bulls (.401). The ’99 NBA season was shortened to only 50 games, and the Hawks somehow made it to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.
  • Jon Brockman is leading the Bucks in Win Shares per 48 minutes with 0.174. Chris Douglas-Roberts is second with 0.169. Keyon Dooling is last at .026.
  • John Salmons is third on the Bucks in Defensive Win Shares with 1.1. He has produced -0.3 Offensive Win Shares.
  • If John Salmons makes his next 35 shots without missing, he will be shooting at his career percentage of 44.3%.
  • The Bucks are on pace to shoot 2364 free throws this year. That would be tied for 9th most in franchise history. Of the nine Milwaukee teams to shoot at least 2364 FTs, two won more than 60 games (any guesses as to which years?) and eight won more than half of their games.
  • By using their Pythagorean Record Expectation, the Bucks are predicted to win 37 games this year.
  • If the Bucks shot league-average from every spot on the court, they would be the 12th-best shooting team in the league. Miami would be the worst.

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