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Marcus Landry, a former standout forward for my University of Wisconsin and the brother of Kings forward Carl Landry, has been invited to Sacramento’s training camp at the insistence of his brother. Marcus will be competing with a number of other players for a roster spot in a training camp relatively packed with non-guaranteed contracts.

Marcus has had limited experience since leaving Madison. He signed with the Knicks as an undrafted free agent, playing in 17 games before being traded to the Celtics as part of the deal that sent Nate Robinson to Boston. During his time in New York, he averaged only 6.2 MPG, making it difficult to trust his scaled-up stats (14.3/6.2 per 36 minutes).

Once in Boston, Landry was quickly assigned to their D-League affiliate, the Maine Red Claws, where he played in 13 games before being released by the Celtics. In Maine, Landry averaged 11.4 points and 4.3 rebounds in about 25 minutes per game. He showed decent outside shooting ability, making 38% of the 55 three-pointers he attempted. Marcus played for the Pacers and Knicks’ squads in this year’s Summer League, but failed to stand out for either team.

As much as I would love to see Marcus succeed in this new opportunity alongside his brother (who I wasn’t too fond of in college), I’m not counting on it. Landry played alongside some of Wisconsin’s best players of the past few years, including Alando Tucker and Trevon Hughes (yes, I include Hughes in that list, and I will defend him to the death). After Tucker’s departure, it seemed like Landry was the natural successor to take over as a top scorer, but he never really broke through to the next level.

While the 3-pt shooting Landry seems to be developing is attractive, there is little else setting Marcus apart from his fellow wings. At 6-7, he doesn’t present the matchup problem of a real PF and would probably spend his time at  the 3. Still, he displayed some impressive athletic talents while at Wisconsin. If Carl has any say in the matter it could bode well for his brother, but unfortunately I think the Kings are merely lending Marcus the benefit of the doubt as a favor to big bro.


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I wrote an analysis of the Badgers’ Offense from their game against Arizona State last Saturday, which can be found here. My original version was a little more…passionate, and featured at least 2 jokes at Michigan’s expense. Still, it’s nice to have another outlet for writing when I’m trying to establish myself.

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Brandon Jennings made some interesting comments regarding his “snub” from US National Team tryouts. Apparently the Global Shoe Conspiracy that is Nike conspired to keep him and his Under Armour kicks out of the spotlight at the World Championships.

I’m not saying it’s a Nike thing, but Nike is kind of running a lot of things right now. To have a guy like myself on the USA team that’s flashy and really outgoing, you don’t want Under Armour to get all that [publicity].

Brandon, why!?! You were having such a great summer. You’ve given us a multitude of highlight reels with some of the other young stars in the NBA, some clever commentary on the rise of the superteam, and an image to associate with Lady Gaga that might actually be stranger than Gaga herself.

But this shoe thing has crossed the line. Even if the fashion industry is responsible for every major assassination in history, that’s not what kept you off Team USA. It was this.

I’m just telling you how it is.

We know Brandon, and we’re all still really happy the franchise is in your hands. But please, go work on your shot. I don’t care what shoes you wear.

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My latest on Brewhoop.com: How Andrew Bogut is like a bouquet of flowers. Featuring some advanced stats, some egregious exaggerations (probably), and at least one Australia pun. Check it out.

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With all this Carmelo Anthony talk, I had forgotten about George Karl’s struggle with cancer. As an ex-Bucks coach and the current head coach of one of my favorite non-Wisconsin teams, Karl is one guy I can always root for. I was really happy, then, to read a Denver Post report that Karl has been cleared to resume coaching activities.

I ran into Karl at the golf course where I worked this summer in Appleton, WI (crazy, right!?). In the minute or two I talked to him, he assured me he had every intention of beating his illness and getting back on the court. Glad to see he did so, and I wish him the best this season.

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Brandon Jennings led a team of current NBA players mixed with NBA hopefuls at the Nike Real Run in L.A. It seems like we’ve grown accustomed to seeing Jennings in highlight-reels, and he looks pretty awesome in this one. It’s tough to see if the work he put in this summer has had any drastic effect on his play when all we’re seeing is the coolest alley-oops, breakaways, and no-look passes, but the mere fact that he’s been showing up so frequently in basketball-related events is a great sign. Being handed the keys to an NBA team before you can legally drink a beer is a lot to deal with, but Brandon has given every indication he can handle the pressure and still maintain that somewhat comical energy that keeps a kid sane.  Only two more months!

(h/t DIME)

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